Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is an Angel Reading?

I know there are as many different types of readings out there as there are readers. What I do is not the same as a tarot reader, a palm reader, or a hotline psychic. In a reading with me, I connect to the angelic energies around you and give you messages and impressions that I receive from them. I try to stay focused on the now as much as possible and give you the tools and insights to move forward on your path of highest good.


What kind of questions can I ask in my reading?

You can ask about whatever you’d like! One of my favorite types of readings to do is love life readings. All I need is the name of the person you’re asking about. Any question you can think of, I’ve probably had someone ask me about it in a reading. It’s a judgment free zone. Future information does sometimes come up, but I try to stay away from making predictions too far off from the immediate future. I will also say, with medical questions, I am not a doctor and can’t legally give medical advice. If medical information does come up, I always strongly encourage you to see a medical professional.



How do I know if I have angels? Are they the same as biblical angels?

Every single person has angels and guides. Our angels are always with us, even if we are not always aware of them. The angels that I’m speaking about are not the same entities as the biblical archangels. They are more of an ineffable angelic energy and less defined than the archangels.


What is the difference between an in-person reading vs. a remote reading?

There is hardly a difference at all! During the pandemic all of my readings are remote. I can still feel your energy as if you were next to me, no matter where you are in the world. So, if you are not in the Los Angeles or Ojai area, not to worry. 

What is an angels and astrology birth chart reading?

In an angels and astrology birth chart reading I will cast your chart*, feel into the archetypes and aspects and let you know what I see coming through. I combine my astrological knowledge and my intuitive abilities to read your birth chart. These readings can be a great tool on the path of self-discovery. I also like to focus on the north node in my readings to help you see the energy you are here to learn in this life. These readings are not predictive astrology. For those types of readings I would recommend going to an astrologer who does astrology as their primary focus. 

*birthday, birth location and exact time of birth required

Why do I need my exact birth time for the angels and astrology reading?

Your exact birth time is very important to cast an accurate chart.  Astrology is based on precise calculations so even a few minutes can make a significant difference in terms of degrees within the sign. Did you know that twins can have different birth charts because the planets move through the degrees of the signs every 7 minutes? An accurate birth time is also important to calculate your rising sign which also determines the placement of the planets among your “12 life houses” as well as the planetary aspects. If you can’t find your birth time, we can still obtain a great deal of helpful information because we are not calculating aspects or doing predictive work. 

Do you offer Mediumship?

I do offer Mediumship as a special add on to your angel reading, which you can find on my offerings page. It’s my honor to bring through your loved ones in Spirit to the best of my ability. Although I cannot guarantee who will come through in our session, I do my best to link with the loved one you wish to hear from. I do recommend waiting around 3 months after someone has passed over to book a Mediumship reading. This is to find the balance between powerful grief and being clear-minded enough to understand the evidence from your loved one in spirit.

What does an Angel reading help me with?

An angel reading can help you with many things! My clients often report leaving a reading with a strong sense of purpose and a feeling of light. My readings can help you when you feel stuck, unsure, or are questioning your own gut instincts. You can ask about anything under the sun that you need guidance with. In many readings, I’m shown symbols and signs that your angels want to establish with you so you know when they are near, and can help you better understand how to talk to your angels for yourself.

Do you do readings for parties and events?

I do! I have been hired as a guest speaker and/or reader for wonderful angel parties that really bring together special groups of people and their angels. The event can be tailored to any aspect you choose. An example of what works well is starting the evening with an angelic meditation and overview, conduct “mini” one-in-one readings in a more private area ending with attendees pulling a card from my angel deck. If you are having a party, wedding, or other event that you feel could use a special and spiritual touch, please email me for more information including event pricing. 

Do you do tarot readings?

I don’t do tarot readings professionally. The cards that I work with are oracle cards which are different than tarot. 

What is Earth Angel Club??

Earth Angel Club is a monthly meeting of like minded people around the globe. Taylor leads the group through monthly meditations and angelic attunements tailored to the energy of the current zodiac season.  Earth Angel Club is a forum for Angels & Amethyst community members to ask Taylor questions, and connect with other Earth Angels. Everyone is welcome.