Learn to communicate with your angelic guides


This is the perfect workshop series for anyone wanting to deepen their connection with their angels. Throughout the lessons you will learn all about angelic connection, how to recognize their signs(including angel numbers), and how to invite your angelic guides deeper into your life. This workshop also focuses on awakening your psychic senses, combating any fearful thinking that could hinder this work, and using oracle cards to get deeper messages from the angelic realm. This series is full of practical techniques, tips, and tricks to bring your spiritual practice to the next level. All levels welcome. If you are a professional in this space or looking to be, we also cover techniques for card readings for a sitter. Are you ready to invite your angels in?

Week 1
This class is all about Angelic Connection 101. What are angels? How can you invite them into your life? How do you understand their signs and messages? What are angel numbers? All of your questions will be answered in this class, and you will learn the tools and techniques to create a powerful bond and close relationship with your own angelic guides that will last a lifetime.

Week 2
This class prepares you to start your own divination work to connect deeper to the messages of your angels. You learn all about creating safe practices and protecting your energy when working with spirit, as well as what to do when fearful thinking tries to block this work. We also cover the different psychic senses, ways to identify your main psychic senses, and exercises to hone and deepen your psychic channels of receiving angelic messages. We discuss oracle cards, how to pick the right deck for you, and how to energetically prepare your oracle cards for working with them.

Week 3
This class is a deeper dive into oracle card readings. You will be walked through giving yourself a reading, how to phrase your questions, and advanced card visualizations/ techniques when pulling your cards. This class also covers ethics in the card reading community, as well as how to shift to the right mindset to protect your client’s subconscious mind. At the end of the class, you are walked through giving yourself your own reading and equipped with the essential building blocks of forming your own deep card pull practice. Lastly, we set our intentions as Angelic Intuitives in the world.